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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


In the mid 80's I was a kid out of high school managing the high-end , super-chic Theodore at their San Fernando Valley outpost in the Woodland Hills Promenade. This particular night(it was a mall, we were open late) I was alone in the store, rocking out to Thriller (on cassette) when Michael walked in. He wandered around the store looked around a bit. Picking up an elaborately studded belt(by Lily Farouche,I'll never forget it) he walked toward the mirror, put it on and spun on his toes! To his own music! We both had to laugh. As he paid,we chatted a bit about his family, he knew many of them shopped with me including Janet.  He started coming in regularly, always at night to miss the crowds and shop quietly with me. He was sweet, funny, gentle. A lovely man. I will always remember him that way. 

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